Dave Maulsby

Greenberg, S., Darragh J. J., Maulsby D. and Witten I. H. (1995)
Predictive Interfaces: What will they think of next?. In A. D. N. Edwards (Ed.), Extra-Ordinary Human Computer Interaction: Interfaces for Users with Disabilities. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pages 103-140. Earlier version as Report 1991-448-32, November.
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Maulsby, D., Greenberg, S. and Mander, R. (1993)
Prototyping an Intelligent Agent through Wizard of Oz. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - ACM CHI'93. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), ACM Press, pages 277-284, May. Also as Report 1992-489-27, September.
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