Bruce McKenzie

Cockburn, A., Greenberg, S., Jones, S., McKenzie, B. and Moyle, M. (2003)
Improving WEB Page Revisitation: Analysis, Design and Evaluation. IT&Society, 3(1):159-183, B. Shneiderman, J. Lazar, M. Ivory (Eds): Special Issue on Web Navigation Skills, SIQSS, Stanford, Winter. Earlier version as Report 1998-611-02, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1998.
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Cockburn, A., Greenberg, S., McKenzie, B., Jasonsmith, M. and Kaasten, S. (1999)
WebView: A Graphical Aid for Revisiting Web Pages. In Proceedings of the Australian Conference on Human Computer Interaction - OZCHI'99. (Wagga Wagga, Australia), pages 15-22, November 28-30.
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