Russell Kruger

Kruger, R., Carpendale, M.S.T., Scott, S.D. and Greenberg, S. (2004)
Roles of Orientation in Tabletop Collaboration: Comprehension, Coordination and Communication. Computer Supported Cooperative Work: The Journal of Collaborative Computing, 13(5-6):501-537. Kluwer Press.
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Kruger, R., Carpendale, S., Scott, S. and Greenberg, S. (2003)
How People Use Orientation on Tables: Comprehension, Coordination and Communication. In Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work - ACM GROUP'03. ACM Press, pages 369-378, November 9-12.
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Kruger, R., Carpendale, S. and Greenberg, S. (2002)
Collaborating over Physical and Electronic Tables. In Poster in ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work - ACM CSCW'02, November. 2 page paper plus poster presented at the conference.
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