Lyn Bartram

Schaffer, D., Zuo, Z., Greenberg, S., Bartram, L., Dill, J., Dubs, S. and Roseman, M. (1996)
Navigating Hierarchically Clustered Networks Through Fisheye and Full-Zoom Methods. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction - ACM TOCHI, 3(2):162-188. ACM Press, June.
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Schaffer, D., Zuo, Z., Bartram, L., Dill, J., Dubs, S., Greenberg, S. and Roseman, M. (1993)
Comparing Fisheye and Full-Zoom Techniques for Navigation of Hierarchically Clustered Networks. In Proceedings of Graphics Interface (GI '93) Morgan-Kaufmann, pages 87-96. Also as Report 1992-491-29, November.
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