Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick, G. and Greenberg, S. (2016)
Saul Greenberg on supervising, building a lab, creating good work life balance. Research report, Changing Academic Life Podcast Series, October. Podcast series produced by Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Vienna University of Technology.
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Greenberg, S., Fitzpatrick, G., Gutwin, C. and Kaplan, S. (2000)
Adapting the Locales Framework for Heuristic Evaluation of Groupware. Australian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS), 7(2):102-108, May. First published in Proceedings of the Australian Conference on Human Computer Interaction - OZCHI'99, November 28-30, Wagga Wagga Australia. Earlier version as Report 1999-643-06, August 11.
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