James Clawson

Patel, N., Clawson, J., Voida, A. and Lyons, K. (2009)
Mobiphos: A study of user engagement with a mobile collocated-synchronous photo sharing application. International Journal of Human Computer Studies-IJHCS (Special Issue on Collocated Social Practices Surrounding Photos, Eds: S. Linley, A. Durrant, D. Kirk and A. Taylor), 67:1048-1059, December. See related conference paper.
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Clawson, J., Voida, A., Patel, N. and Lyons, K. (2008)
Mobiphos: A collocated-synchronous mobile photo sharing application. In Proc. Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services - MobileHCI 2008. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), ACM Press, September 2-5.
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