GroupLab Projects

This is a sampling of projects, in rough chronological order (most recent first). It is by no means complete. The best way to see the scope of our work is to look at the various papers and videos, accessible above, or from within the projects below.

Proximity Toolkit
prototyping proxemic interactions in ubiquitous computing ecologies

Proxemic Interaction
designing for a proximity and orientation-aware environment

TouchID Toolkit
designing user-, hand-, and handpart-aware tabletop interactions

What Caused that Touch?
expressive interaction with a surface through fiduciary-tagged gloves

Rethinking RFID
visible and controllable RFID tags

The Haptic Tabletop Puck and Toolkit
tactile feedback for interactive tabletops

Revealing the Invisible
visualizing the location and event flow of distributed physical devices

The Continuous Interaction Space
integrating gestures above a surface with direct touch

AREnergy Viewer
seeing energy feedback in context using augmented reality, proximity sensing and semantic zooming

Studying Games in Situ
How people actually play console games

The Me-dia Space
Twinning one person to two locations

Networking / Shared Data Platform

Brain-Robot Interfaces
using brain-robot interfaces for controlling implicit social patterns

exploring video histories

Artifact Awareness
through screen sharing

Notification Collage
distributed and co-located colleagues

Change Awareness
shared 2-D graphical workspace

Single Display Groupware
multiple input devices connected

Fisheye Text Viewer
keeping people aware

a groupware web browser

iconic indicators for awareness

overviews for groupware

moving between PDAs, groupware and public displays

WWW Page Revisitation
alternate strategies

a groupware toolkit

instant messanger visualization

Extending Heuristic Evaluation
through results synthesis

Balancing Awareness and Privacy
an always-on video link by manipulating image quality

How People Use the Web
an empirical study

Mediating Awareness, Communication and Privacy
through digital but physical surrogates

sharing single user applications over distance

an integrated groupware environment

a microworld for exploring newtonian physics