The Me-Dia Space
twinning one person to two locations

Our ME-dia Space, in which the emphasis on the word ME is designed for a part-time teleworker. With the ME-dia Space, our goal is to project aspects of the tele-worker's presence into his workplace office on the days when he is working from home. In particular, the ME-dia Space connects the tele-worker from his home office to his work office via an augmented audio/video channel. The primary idea is that the teleworker's colleagues can exploit the physical features of that office as well as that teleworker's projection into it to see if he is around, to initiate greetings, and to communicate with him.


Saul Greenberg (Supervisor)
Roberto Diaz-Marino
Amy Voida
Steve Voida

Key Publications

Voida, A., Voida, S., Greenberg, S. and He, H.A. (2008)
Asymmetry in Media Spaces. In Proc. ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work - ACM CSCW'08. (San Diego, CA), ACM Press, 10 pages, Nov. 8-12. CSCW Honorable Mention (Best Paper Nomineee). Earlier version as Report 2008-895-08.
PDF Paper
Greenberg, S. (2010)
The ME-dia Space: Exploiting Real-World Proxemics for Tele-Commuting. Research report 2010-967-16, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, July. Duration 2:11. See related paper.
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