a groupware web browser

GroupWeb is a groupware version of a World Wide Web browser that lets people in a distributed meeting share and navigate through Web pages. An immediate application of GroupWeb is as a presentation tool for real time distance education and conferencing.

The figure illustrates GroupWeb. Through it, participants can:

  • Share the same view of the display, where following a link brings up the same page on everyone's screen.
  • Gesture around the image through multiple "teleporters", one for each person.
  • See where other people are looking through a "multi-user scrollbar".
  • Decide whether a scrolling action by another person will scroll one's view of the page.
  • Create and attach annotations to pages through a groupware text editor.
  • See what meetings are around, who is in them, and join them if desired.

Primary Investigators

Mark Roseman (Architect)
Saul Greenberg (Supervisor)


  • GroupWeb implemented
  • Ideas of GroupWeb ported to a Tcl/Tk browser called SurfIt
  • Papers and video'' published

Current Status

  • Completed. GroupWeb was a small project. Unfortunately, the software is no longer available as it was not ported to recent versions of GroupKit. However, a groupware web browser is included as part of the TeamRooms (now TeamWave Workplace) project.