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The Phidget Project Gallery

People have done some very creative things with phidgets. Here are some samples; most include video demonstrations as well as pictures.

Published Papers / Videos

Project / Link Video Paper Citation
Phidgets Greenberg, S. and Fitchett, C. (2001)
Video Proceedings of the ACM UIST 2001 14th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. November 11-14, Orlando, Florida.
Customizable Physical Interfaces Greenberg, S. and Boyle, M. (2002)
Customizable physical interfaces for interacting with conventional applications. 
Video Proceedings of the ACM UIST 2002 15th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. ACM Press.
Buddy Bugs McPhail, S. (2002) Buddy Bugs: A Physical User Interface for Windows® Instant Messenger. Western Computer Graphics Symposium (Skigraph’02), March.


Most of these projects and accompanying videos were created by students registered in Computer Science 581, an advanced course on human-computer interaction instructed by Saul Greenberg. A few were also created by graduate students and research assistants experimenting with Phidgets, either for fun, for learning, or to supplement their actual research. Most projects were done within 1 to 3 weeks (including learning time).

Name Video Description Author
Graduate students and research assistants projects
DartMail A dart gun is used to send other people email. An RFID tag links the dart to electronic information. Tony Tang & Eric Pattision
MSN Slider A simple slider lets you quickly set your on-line status from online, to busy, away, offline, and so on. Michael Rounding
Privacy Preserving Media Space An experiment in how physical devices can mitigate privacy controls in always on video. Michael Boyle
Pumpkin Phidget  Pumpkin decoration gets out of hand when Chester appears on the scene. October 2001.  Chester Fitchett
Saul Greenberg
Undergraduate projects, Winter 2001
Flower in Bloom A flower blooms under program control Susannah McPhail
Light Wheel An ambient display where one can control patterns of lights on a circular wheel. Michael Durrant
Missed Calls A cell phone cradle and gauge tells a person how many phone calls were missed. Raul Nemes
Nerf Email A tongue-in-cheek email notifier that shoots nerf disks at you when email arrives. Carman Neustaedter
Phidget Eyes Eyes blink and light up. Debbie Mazurak
Power Dimmer and Lamp A lamp's light level changes and its lampshade rotates.  Brant LeClercq
Waterfall Harp A water harp plays musical chords as people 'strum' the water Olive Au
Undergraduate projects, Winter 2002
Cuckoo Clock A person sets this computer clock to make the cuckoo appear. Jacelyn Campbell
Disharmony An abstract conglomeration of loosely related themes designed to provoke thought. Mike Polowick
Ele-Phidget An elephant faces you when you receive an audio message. Push its stomach to play the message. Squeeze its head to send a message. Shivaughan Warwaruk
Magnetic Dessert Silvery rocks moving around a desert reflects the motion in one's surroundings. Kari Basaraba
Marble Mail Ambient display that moves marbles between 3 bowls as email arrives and is read. Shannon Goodman
Mathletics Children race skiers down a mountain by correctly answer multiplication questions. Russell Kruger
Messenger Frame A contact's photo reflects their on-line activity. Send a message by touching the photo. Mike Hornby-Smith
Monster Phidget Monster greets people as they walk by. It says jokes if they linger or touch him. Edward Tse
Mood Table A table reacts with different light patterns and poetic sounds as people press its surface. Eric Pattison
Parking Assistant A traffic light helps someone park their car in a garage. Kashama Willms
Picture Frame Touching a picture makes lights to blink on its partner's picture. Kathryn Elliot
Planetarium none Different constellations project onto a ceiling as one presses silver stars controls Kathryn Elliot
Rusty Barnacle - the show A computerized puppet show telling the pirate tale of adventure in the Caribbean. Kevin Foster
Rusty Barnacle - the making This video shows how the above puppet show was made Kevin Foster
Simon the SunFlower Children repeat a pattern played by the flower by squeezing the leaves in the correct order. Nancy Lopez
Time Tracker A doll house where the figurines move according  to the time of a user-set location. Erin Wallace
Waterfall Aquarium An aquarium contains three movable sea creatures and a colored waterfall. Shannon Pokojoy
Undergraduate projects,  Fall 2002
Appointment Assistant An appointment reminder display that interacts with the users Outlook calendar. Zaid Alibhai
Black Magic Puppetry A doll that responds to gestures sent through MSN Instant Messenger Rosemary Sanchez
Bob the Repositional Camera A web camera moves in both the X and Y axis, and can auto-track a person's face Alan Flanders
Cricket Clock An ambient display that tracks how a nearby telephone is used Chris Bradley
Desolate Igloo A strange igloo with  northern lights and that grants a desire for warmth. Arif Fazel
Foos Wars A foosball table where one person plays on the physical table, and another plays via the web Mike Larke and Mike Clark
Funky Mirror A mirror distorted under computer control Zorin Musani
Interactive Storybook An interactive version of Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets that links paper and web. Christina Escabillas
Laser Pong A two-player game where competitors battle it out on their ceiling Jason Chan
MC Status An MSN Messenger contact status notification device using Simsons figurines. Christian Leith
MiniBar with recipies A bar designed for guests to make exotic drinks Barbara Lenart
MusicBox A physically interactive music manager that also lets you control how songs are played Rob Diaz-Marino
StarWars Coffee Room Monitor A Star Wars display that lets you see who is drinking coffee Chris Willott
Teddy Phidget A robotic Teddy Bear that responds to petting and can move his legs. Anand Agarawala