MC Status

Picture of MC StatusMC Status is a MSN Messenger contact status notification device.  This ambient device is to be placed in the periphery of the user or at a distance.


When the assigned MSN contact is offline, the action figure has it's back facing the user.  When the contact signs into MSN Messenger the action figure turns 180 degrees to face the user to notify them that the contact is signed in.  The green LEDs indicate the online status of the Messenger contacts (i.e. Busy, Be Right Back, Away, etc.).  The Send buttons are used to send messages to contacts via MSN Messenger.  


At its heart are three Phidget servo motors, three green LEDs, three Phidget touch sensors, a Phidget Interface Kit, and a quad servo board. 

see the video

The Creator

Christian Leith created this for his short assignment as part a senior-level human computer interaction class at the University of Calgary.


Created in November, 2002

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