Phidget Laser Pong


Laser Pong
Phidget Laser Pong
is a two-player interactive game where competitors battle it out on their home or office ceilings.  A fully customizable game area allows users to have the game span only one ceiling tile, or up to the whole room. Lasers represent the ball and the paddles, giving a unique twist to the arcade classic.


At its heart, a combination of 5 laser pointers, 4 servo motors, a mirror and an interface kit with two slider controls work together to create this game.  A servo motor controls each paddle's laser location, while two other servos control the XY-coordinate of the ball using a mirror.  The sliders that control the paddle servos are hooked up to the interface kit.


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The Creator

Jason Chan created this for his short assignment as part a senior-level human computer interaction class at the University of Calgary.


Created in November, 2002

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