Desolate Igloo

Desolate Igloo

Desolate Igloo is a simulation of Northern living. In the North it is very cold, and some of the basic needs of the people living there are light, shelter, heat, and food. I've decided to leave the food out of it, but the light is represented by the spinning mechanism (Northern Lights), the shelter is represented by the igloo, and the heat is represented by the smoke arising from inside the igloo, the lighting of fire above the igloo, and the throwing of fire from under the igloo.


At its heart is 3 servo motors that help to initiate the Northern lights, light the fires above the igloo (using a candle and matches), and throw the flame (using a bottle of hairspray and a candle). The smoke from inside of the igloo was provided by essence sticks. The snow is represented by cotton.

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The Creator

Arif Fazel created this for his short assignment as part of a senior-level human computer interaction class at the University of Calgary.


Created in November, 2002

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