Foos Wars

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Foos Wars is a foosball table where one person plays on the physical table, while the other plays over the web. The local player plays as usual. The remote player has a live aerial view of the table via a web cam (located above the actual table). The  remote player directly manipulates his or her foosball players through use of sliders and the spacebar key. Every time a goal is scored, a physical light above the goalie will illuminate, and the web browser score board will be concurrently updated.


This priceless foosball table is constructed with 8 modified servo motors (so they can rotate continuously), 2 toggle switches, 2 interface kits, and $30 in supplies from Home Depot. Note that after we did this, we found a published article on a paper describing a similar system (see their web site)!!!


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The Creator

Mike Larke and Mike Clark designed an imaginative 'out of the box' interface for their short assignment as part a senior-level human computer interaction class at the University of Calgary.


Created in November, 2002

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