The Musicbox

The Musicbox is a physically interactive playlist manager which lets you put together lists of your own music and control how they are played. The Musicbox phidget allows you to select a playlist by placing an object inside of it. The volume dims when the lid is opened, and returns to normal when it is closed again. You can go to the next or previous song in the list by pressing on opposite corners of the box, and a panel of lights flash different color patterns for each song.

Playlists are associated with objects using RFID tags, and a tag reader which is embedded in the bottom of the box. A light sensor is present on the lid which lowers the volume in accordance to the light levels it detects. Pressure sensors are mounted under the two front corners of the box, and control playlist flow. Finally the LED panel at the front on the front flash different color paterns at different paces based on the mood, tempo, and genre of the song as specified in the software.

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The Creator

Rob Diaz-Marino created this for his short assignment as part a senior-level human computer interaction class at the University of Calgary.  

Created in November, 2002

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