Interactive Storybook

Interactive Storybook is based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. As you read through the book, there are several objects placed inside that invites you to interact with, where you wave these magical objects over a surface. This causes a display to appear on the computer, where the displayed items relate to the part of the story containing the object. On this display are links where the reader can further watch scenes related to the current page that they're reading.


The storybook was created using RFID tags and an RFID scanner. The tags were carefully hidden inside the story objects, as in the red train shown in the above picture. The RFID scanner was wrapped in the same leather binding as the book cover. When the reader 'scans' the objects, the appropriate display appears

see the video

The Creator

Christina Escabillas created this for her short assignment as part of a senior-level human computer interaction class at the University of Calgary.


Created in November, 2002

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