Parking Assistant

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The Parking Assistant is a stop light that hangs on the front wall of a garage.  It senses a vehicle coming into the garage and displays a green light.  As the car gets closer to the wall, the yellow light comes on, warning the driver to slow down.  Finally, the red light signals that the driver is close enough to the wall and should stop.  This makes for a perfect park every time!


At The Parking Assistant's heart is a stop light made using three night lights attached to extension cords with generic light switches in them.  This allows three servos to individually turn each light on as the vehicle gets closer to the wall.  A proximity sensor indicates when a vehicle is coming towards the garage wall.
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The Creator

Kashama Willms created this for his short assignment as part of a senior-level human computer interaction class at the University of Calgary.


Created in March, 2002

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