Cricket Clock

Cricket Clock is an ambient display designed to look like a tropical beach scene. It is activated based on how often a nearby telephone is used. Each time a call is received a new cricket appears in the display and begins making noise. Beneath the pond is a simple clock but if the user approaches the clock the crickets are scared away.


At the heart of Cricket Clock is an interface kit attached to 8 LED's, a TextLCD and a light sensor. The crickets are the LED's timed to blink at the same rate as the cricket sound clip whenever they are activated. I show the date and time on the TextLCD which lies next to the light sensor. If the light level changes past a certain threshold the crickets are disabled and hide for a certain length of time.

see the video

The Creator

Chris Bradley created this for his short assignment as part a senior-level human computer interaction class at the University of Calgary.


Created in November, 2002

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