Missed Calls

Missed Calls is a cell phone cradle and dial that tells a person how many calls he missed on his cell phone when he did not carry it with him. 


Raul made a cardboard cradle for his cell phone, which contained a force sensor connected to a PhidgetInterfaceKit. By monitoring the readings from this sensor, his software program could detect when the phone was placed in or out of the cradle, and when the phone vibrated as it rang. The phone status was then displayed on a physical cardboard dial where the dial position was controlled by a servo motor. The dial showed whether the phone was in the cradle or not, and how many times a call had come in without being answered. When a person took the phone off the cradle, it would automatically reset itself.

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The Creator

Raul Nemes created this for his short assignment as part a senior-level human computer interaction class at the University of Calgary.


Created in March, 2001

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