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Phidgets™, or physical widgets, are building blocks that help a developer construct physical user interfaces. The philosophy behind phidgets is: 

… just as widgets make GUIs easy to develop, so could phidgets make the new generation of physical user interfaces easy to develop. 

Phidgets arose out of a research project directed by Saul Greenberg at the Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary. Phidgets were built and programmed mostly by Chester Fitchett, although other GroupLab members lent a hand. An academic paper describes our thinking.


What you can do with phidgets

Gallery is a pictorial and video archive of what Saul Greenberg's students built with phidgets. Their work is innovative and impressive.

Coding phidgets in .NET languages

Phidgets .NET [Beta]is a C# wrapper for the Phidgets COM Library, allowing drag-and-drop use of Phidgets in Visual Studio .NET. The current release is a BETA version (as of July 15, 2005). it is mostly complete, although some of the rarer phidgets are not included. It should be fine for most of you. It comes with example programs. It also includes several chapters of a book draft on how to program Phidgets in .NET.


I am committed to having a robust .NET version to phidgets, and will respond to bug notices (but maybe not immediately).

Where you can buy phidgets

Priorities for Phidgets.NET




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