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Toolkits: ViconToolkit

The ILAB Vicon Toolkit is a toolkit for C# that gives programmers easy access to common functionality for Vicon interaction. The toolkit provides interfaces for connecting to the Nexus and calibrating display surfaces within a 3D space. The tookit provides real time object tracking data, and allows for the encapsulation of known objects to provide high-level interpretations of actions such as pointing.

The ILAB Vicon Toolkit is meant to replace the original Vicon "Toolkit" - basically a collection of code samples in C++ and C#. This page has been created to provide a brief introduction to Vicon components, functionality, tutorials of use, and programming tips.

This page is in active development, new tutorials/samples will be provided as more research is done with the Vicon.


Download and Installation

Recipes and How-To's

General Vicon Information

Tutorials and Examples

ILAB Vicon Toolkit 2.0

ILAB Vicon Toolkit 1.0

Vicon API

Troubleshooting & Help


Papers / Videos

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