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Toolkits: SMARTEmulator

The SMART Table Emulator is provided by SMART Technologies Inc. Under the covers, it uses the technology developed by Edward Tse in his SDG Toolkit to use mice to emulate touch events. This allows tabletop systems to be developed on a standard computer (at least to some extent).

Table vs. Emulator touches. The SMART Table normally returns touches as contact events (Down, Move, and UP) along with a variety of properties (ID, Position, Intensity, Height, PCAAngle, PCAMajor, PCAMinor). The SMART Table Emulator is more limited:


Download and Installation

WARNING: The installation does NOT work with a 64 bit operating system (even if you use a 32 bit virtual machine)

Follow these step by step instructions once to install the emulator. Note that we are working with an internal SDK, so its not yet as polished as it could be.

  1. Prerequisite 1: Install Visual Studio 2008 + SP1 if you have not already done so.
  2. Prerequisite 2: Install .NET 3.5 ServicePack 1 if you have not already done so.
    • To check, open Visual Studio, and select Help/About Microsoft Visual Studio. The top of the dialog box describes the versions of Visual Studio and the .NET framework you have, including the service packs (if any).
      • If you are missing it, go here, Download the service pack. If it doesn't seem to do anything, or if you also need the compact framework, scroll to the end of that page and download the full package (note that this takes a while).
  3. Prerequisite 3: (Recommended) Install Expression Blend 3.0 SDK.
    • If you have already install Microsoft Expression Blend, you should have it.
    • To check if its already installed, look for Start Menu / Microsoft Expression / Microsoft Expression Blend 3 SDK/.
    • If you don't have it, get it at Blend SDK. It will let you do a few of the advanced table object animations; it is not strictly required.
  4. Install the SMART Table SDK.
    • Just keep clicking next until it is installed
  5. Try the examples below. Don't forget to plug in a second mouse!

Examples supplied by SMART Technologies (some use deprecated APIs)

Our Examples

Download examples: Our SMART Table Examples.

The contents are described below.



InkPots Version 1 (by Ed Tse).

InkPots Version 2(by Saul)

Multi User Line

Draggable Borders

Draggable Images

Draggable Borders That Interact



Old Stuff (Ignore)

The following examples have not been translated to the new coding format.


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