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The Grouplab DiamondTouch Toolkit is a tool for rapidly prototyping C# .NET applications that interface with the DiamondTouch table. The DiamondTouch table can detect multiple points of contact with its surface for up to 4 users. A bounding box is used to encompass all points of contact for a single user.

Recently MERL released a newer version of the DiamondTouch SDK which contained C# component almost identical in functionality to that from the Grouplab Diamondtouch Toolkit, with the exception that it didn't provide access to the raw signal data for each user. If you don't need access to this functionality it's recommended that you use this component instead of the one from the GroupLab DiamondTouch toolkit as it is likely more robust and efficient.

!!! Contents

* [[#download | Download and Installation]]
* [[#recipes | Recipes, How-To's]]
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!!! Download and Installation

The download instructions and files can be found on the GroupLab website:\\


!!! Recipes and How-To's

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!!! Tutorials and Examples

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!!! Links

* %newwin% [[http://www.merl.com/projects/DiamondTouch/ | MERL DiamondTouch Website]]