Step 4. Editing Your Video

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Now the fun begins!

Be creative with sound, transitions, etc. However, don't let the cool effects take over from your story though.

The best videos are paced quickly, and minimize talking heads. Let the action dominate, with your talk adding details.

While Adobe Premiere is full of functionality, the basic things you will need are just a small part of it:

  • adjusting clip segments in the timeline
  • creating a title at the beginning of your segment
  • adjusting volume
  • adding a sound track (optional, and watch out for copyright violations!)
  • putting simple transitions in your video if need (e.g., cross-dissolvers). Note that straight cuts work very well!
  • fade in/out your titles

Here are the basics that you should be doing.

  • Start with a live frame showing the title over your image background.
  • Do not fade up from black as that is not appropriate for a digital video (the first frame is often used as a thumbnail)
  • Having some background music is great, but not necessary.
  • Give it at least a second or two before you start talking, as most video players lose the first second or two of sound when they are starting.
  • Cutaways are good for showing concurrent actions, e.g., an overview going into a closeup and back to an overview.
  • Dissolves/Wipes are good for showing a slight change of topic. The two best ones are Gradient Wipe and Cross Dissolve
  • Page turns or more aggressive transitions are good for big topic changes. Don't overdo them.
  • Picture in picture is good for showing the whole scene as well as some detail
  • End with a live frame as well - do not fade to black. Using music is sometimes nice.