Step 2. Creating an Adobe Premiere Project

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Download the that has an empty project all set up. Unzip and rename the folder.


Create your Adobe premiere project with the following settings.

  1. Start Adobe Premiere.
  2. A New Project Dialog will appear. Select the DV-NTSC Standard 48KHz preset. An empty workspace will then appear.
  3. Menu select Project - Project settings - General to raise the Project Settings dialog. Click the button titled Playback Settngs, and uncheck Play Video on DV Hardware.
  4. Menu select Edit - Preferences - Scratch Disks. Make sure that the all items are set to Same as Project.
  5. Download the following Attach:title-1.prtl. Drag and drop it into your Project window (or right-click in that window, select Import, and browse to the file).
  6. Save your project.

Note: Put all your project files in the empty project directly. Otherwise, you will have a hard time archiving it later.