Step 3. Captruing your Film onto Disk and Importing Files

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Take the tape to the video editing room.

1. Setting up your Adobe Premiere project

Asking Premiere to save your captured video into your folder

  • Select Edit -> Preferences -> Scratch Disks
  • Ensure that all of the options are set to Same as Project. If not, set them accordingly.

2. Capturing video.

Make sure that:

  • your tape is in the JVC deck,
  • the deck is on
  • the firewire cable is connected between the deck and the computer
  • the Sony monitor is on.
  • Select File -> Capture (or press F5)
  • Using your list, you can now capture digital segments.

Approach 1: While simple, this can create a huge file if your rough footage is long. This can be problematic for moving that file around e.g., it may be too big to burn to a CD if you want to work on it at home. Use this method only if you have a short rough footage sequence.

  • navigate to the start of your filming using the controls at the bottom of the capture window.
  • Then hit record, and record until you are done.
  • It will ask you to give it a name - make this descriptive.

Approach 2: Digitize only the clips you need by finding the sequences you want, by creating a batch list, and by recording of that list. This also makes it very easy to redigitize your video if something goes drastically wrong. Here is how.

  • Enter a file name e.g., intro
  • Go to the start of the intro clip that you want to use (you may have shot several versions of it, but only one or two are any good). Remember to include the several seconds of dead time before it!
  • Click Set In.
  • Go to the end of the intro clip.
  • Click Set Out.
  • Click In/Out in the Capture group box.
  • A window titled Batch Capture will appear. Name this and save it. This window will contain a list of all the clips you want to digitize.
  • Repeat this until you have named/recorded all the video segments you want. They will be added to the Batch Capture window. Save it when done.
  • Go to the Batch Capture window and click the record button. It will automatically digitize all the video for you, where it will create it as a set of files in your folder. It will also appear in the Project Bin.

4. Importing files

You will probably have other files you will want to use. These can include sound files, images, etc. Import them into your project simply by going File-> Import. You can then include the files you want.

NOTE ON COPYRIGHTS. It is up to you to make sure you can actually use any material in your video. Be careful!

Titles: I've included three templates for a title screen, for smaller labels that appear at the bottom of the video, and for acknowledgements. Import these and modify them as needed.