NYAR Toolkit How Do I Get NYAR Toolkit To Run On X 86 Computers

Follow these steps if you are using 2.5.2.

The distribution on this website,, already has these changes.

  1. Get NyARToolkit 2.5.2
    1. Download NyARToolkit and extract to a working directory
    2. In the NyARToolkit/extlib/DirectShowLibV2/src, open the project DirectShowLib-2005.sln. Upgrade the project if needed.
    3. We have to change platform target on DirectShowLib to x86.
      1. Open the Project Properties in Solution Explorer and switch to the Build tab.
      2. Select x86.
      3. Change the Configuration to Release and select x86 again.
      4. Change the build target (top toolbar) to Release.
      5. Build the project.
      6. Go to NyARToolkit/extlib/DirectShowLibV2/src/bin/Release and move DirectShowLib-2005.dll to NyARToolkit/extlib/DirectShowLibV2/lib
  2. Now we will build NyArToolkit.
    1. Go to NyARToolkit/forFW2.0 and open NyARToolkitCS.sln. Upgrade if prompted.
    2. Build the Solution.
  3. Repeat the x86 change for NYARToolkitCSUtils