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Timelapse: An Image Analyser for Camera Traps (aka remote cameras, field cameras, wildlife cameras)

Timelapse is a regularly maintained productivity tool designed to help scientists analyze the thousands of images collected in camera traps . Timelapse is currently used internationally by various organizations for serious work. In brief, Timelapse:

Timelapse is accompanied by a full web site with user manuals, tutorials, regular updates, email list, github repository, etc.

Developer's Cookbook

The Developer's Cookbook is an archive of toolkits, software and applications created by ilab people over the years. This software was developed for them to explore various research ideas vs. for general dissemination. Even so, we make it available for others to try/use the software below. However, realize that this software is offered as is and has not been maintained: we will not provide support for problems you may have. Also, some of the software has license restrictions. It's certainly all copyrighted.

Unless otherwise noted, most programming systems are packaged and tested for use within C#.




Visual Studio


Video and Media

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