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Demos: Energy Viewer

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The Energy Viewer is an experiment in using an Augmented Reality approach to visualizing energy consumption in the home.

This project is a work-in-progress, and is under active development. It is included here for internal use rather than external dissemination. We do not recommend downloading it at this point. The features of the demonstration software and the focus of the research project may change significantly in the future, significant bugs may be present, document may be lacking, and major features may not yet be included.



This project is under active development and is intended for testing and evaluation purposes only. We do not recommend it for downloading at this point by outside groups.

A list of known bugs is being maintained . If you happen to be using this project and discover any problems, please add a description of your bug to the wiki page, or email it to Saul Greenberg.

Download and Installation

Prerequisites and Dependencies

The system assumes a camera is connected to a laptop or tablet PC, with the camera facing back from the screen i.e., so the screen when held up roughly points to the same direction as the camera.

Current Version


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Bug Tracking

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Starting up the office node

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