A Study of Self-Actuated Dynamic Wall Display

Oyama, T., Asari, U., Takashima, K., Sharlin, E., Greenberg, S. and Kitamura, Y. (2016)
A Study of Self-Actuated Dynamic Wall Display. In Proceedings of the IPSJ (Symposium, Interaction'2016. Information Processing Society of Japan, pages 62-71, March 3. In Japanese.

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This paper explores a self-actuated shape-changing wall display that can change its shape for particular dynamic contexts. Firstly, we present a design study that aims to understand user's desirable shapes of a wall display for various interaction scenarios. Our result suggests that people would prefer to use a range of screen shapes rather than a single static flat display arrangement. Based on this, we design and implement the first prototype of self-actuated dynamic wall display which can automatically change its physical shape or screen arrangement to support the collaborative or individual contexts of people's activities. Finally, we discuss some of potential interaction scenarios with the dynamic wall display and interaction techniques based on user's explicit gesture commands and inferred implicit context from display content and users' spatial relations around the display

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