Groupware Places for Lightweight Meetings

Sun, Y. (2010)
Groupware Places for Lightweight Meetings. Master's thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, September. See companion video, Report 2010-979-28..

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The thesis described the design, implementation, and preliminary evaluation of Come Together (CT), a groupware system that supports light-weight interactions between intimate collaborators in small groups. As a foundation to its design, we begin by comparing light-weight and heavy-weight group working practices via a sociological framework, where we generated a list of basic design considerations. As well, we analyze and review a wide spectrum of groupware systems to see how they support or hinder light-weight formation and working practices of such groups. From all this, Come Together was created to meet three main design goals: supporting light-weight group formation and on-going maintenance; integrating people and artefacts by treating them equally; and support ones different levels of engagement in a group with different people and artefacts. Come Together is described by its features, and then by its technical aspects. Finally, a preliminary evaluation of Come Together was conducted to elicit participants initial reactions. The positive reception indicates that our design generally matches our goals. However, participants criticisms and suggestions also point out directions for future research.

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