Aibo Monitor

Guo, C., Greenberg, S., Boyd, J. and Sharlin, E. (2007)
Aibo Monitor. Research report iLab-2007-1, Grouplab, Dept. Computer Science, University of Calgary.

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Today, robots are no longer limited to laboratory experiments; they have found their way into our homes. Being a physical entity itself, a robot can provide the functionality a regular computer does not possess. Our idea is to use a domestic robot dog as a mediator for people to remotely monitor their home environment. We created a program called the AIBO Monitor. The AIBO Monitor program allows the user to control and communicate with the AIBO remotely. Through the interface of the AIBO Monitor remote users can be tuned to their home environment. Users in AIBO's vicinity are aware of where the AIBO is going and can understand what the AIBO is doing by directly observing and hearing the robot. Overall, the AIBO Monitor enables a domestic robot to extend its users' sensory awareness and allow them to monitor their home environment.

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