Contextual Locations in the Home

Elliot, K. (2006)
Contextual Locations in the Home. Master's thesis, Dept. Computer Science, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, December.

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In this thesis, I address the problem of designing technology for communication and coordination information management in the home. First, I use contextual interviews to examine how households currently manage this information. From these interviews, I identify five types of communicative information. I then discuss how these types are created and understood by home inhabitants as a function of contextual locations within the home. The choice of location for a piece of information is important to the functioning of the home, and is highly nuanced. Location helps home inhabitants understand time, ownership and awareness. Finally, I show how this understanding can be applied in design through two case studies in location-based home technology design. This will provide practitioners and designers with a more complete view of information in the home, and a better understanding of how technology embedded within the home can augment communication and coordination of home inhabitants.

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