Real Time Distributed Collaboration

Greenberg, S. (2002)
Real Time Distributed Collaboration. Research report Grouplab, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Groupware for real time distributed collaboration allows people to work together at the same time, even when some or all participants and their work products are in different physical locations. To do this effectively, groupware and its components must support telepresence - a way of giving participants enough cues about each other to help them orchestrate their interactions - and teledata, a way of having participants bring into the meeting the materials and on-going work they wish to share with one another. Consequently, the design and implementation of a distributed system supporting real time collaboration must handle the human factors of how people collaborate as well as the expected technical issues. This article will describe some of these human factors, and how they are addressed by several groupware applications.

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