SDGT - The Single Display Groupware Toolkit

The SDG Toolkit is a framework for designing single display groupware applications. SDGT is a COM object designed for managing multiple mice and keyboards.

To learn more about the SDG Toolkit read our CSCW Paper


Please note that the new version of the SDG Toolkit requires Windows XP and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Please click on the "Download Now" link to obtain the latest version of the SDG Toolkit.  Please extract the SDG Toolkit dll file to some directory on your hard drive.  No registration of the dll is required but you must remember where you saved this file on the Hard Drive.

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The SDG Toolkit simplifies Single Display Groupware development by providing the following features.

  • Automatic detection of all USB and serial mice and keyboards present in the system  
  • Event-based interface for detecting mouse movements and button clicks, and keyboard events
  • Display of multiple cursors, one for each mouse
  • Individually customizable cursors (loaded from .bmp, .cur and .ani files), hotspots and text labels/fonts
  • X and Y Coordinates relative to any window
  • Movement Restriction to the window
  • For table top displays where orientation matters, cursor text labels can be rotated, and mouse movements can be set relative to the different sides of the table (see figure above).


  • Only works with Windows XP and requires Visual Studio .NET!
  • Cursors are not removed when mice are unplugged 
  • The keyboard implementation is currently undergoing reconstruction.

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