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You can download the current version of the Shared Phidgets toolkit, and you can use it for educational purpose without limitations. However, please be aware that the current release of the toolkit is a BETA version, what means that the software is not fully implemented, the software might contain incorrect code and produce errors and that the documentation is preliminary.

If you find bugs in the current release of the toolkit, please post a description of the error on the Toolkits.SharedPhidgetsBugreport, and you can also email nicolai (dot) marquardt (at) gmail (dot) com.

Download the most recent version of the Shared Phidgets toolkit installer (3.5 MB):

VisualStudio 2005: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-2.5.msi
VisualStudio 2003: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-2.0.2.msi

Note: Please uninstall every previous version of the SharedPhidgets toolkit before installing a new version.

Version History

Upcoming Version 3.0:
Will be released in June 2007

  • Phidgets 2.1 driver support: enhanced performance, multi-threaded driver
  • Support for all exisiting Phidgets
  • New 'Simulation Skins'
  • New: Rewritten Connector tool
  • New: Improved SharedPhidgets Browser
  • New: Easy to use class framework and tutorials for custom skins
  • New: Blacklist in connector tool
  • New: SMS Gateway module

LATEST RELEASE (VisualStudio 2005 ONLY!):
Version 2.5: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-2.5.msi (3.5 MB)
Released: April 12, 2007

  • New: Automatic toolbox install to Visual Studio 2005
  • New: Library and all tools now ported and compiled in .NET 2.0
  • New: Windows Vista Compatible!
  • Fixed: Thread problems when updating UI elements. ALL event handlers are now full thread safe!

Version 2.0.2: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-2.0.2.msi (3.5 MB)
Released: March 30, 2007

  • Fixed: Connector and Server blocked Windows shutdown problem fixed. Now the computer can reboot and shutdown without any problems.
  • Fixed: It's not necessary anymore to run the server component. This functionality can be done by the connector.
  • Fixed: Encoder event handler problem
  • Fixed: TextLCD display method
  • Fixed: Servo controller delay problem, improved forwarding of controller events
  • Fixed: Password protection now works with all components. By adding the password to the shared dictionary address it's possible to restrict the access to the connected phidgets
  • New: TextLCD separate indicator of displayed text
  • Please note: the examples are not included with this installer anymore. We will provide a separate download soon with examples, tutorials and the sourcecode.

Version 2.0.1: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-2.0.1.msi (6.5 MB)
Released: August 1, 2006

  • Fixed: Setup DLL registration error
  • Fixed: Phidgets dispose error (occasional error)
  • Fixed: Automatic reconnecting bug
  • Fixed: UniversalSkin select error
  • Changed: Toolbox installer messages
  • Added: Automatic registering of default address when starting server
  • Added: Automatic retreiving of default IP address in all modules
  • Added: CircularTouch support in universal skin and the ControllerGUI
  • Added: Features to automatically distribute IP address to all modules from server component

Version 2.0.0: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-2.0.0.msi (6.5 MB)
Released: July 14, 2006

  • New: Visual Studio 2005 support (only professional version)
  • New: Metadata configuration tab in the connector tool
  • New: XML saved metadata
  • New: Various methods (for each component) to discover metadata
  • New: Circular Touch Sensor Skin
  • New: Encoder component and Encoder Skin
  • New: Weight Sensor component and Weight Sensor Skin
  • New: Debugging menu in connector tool
  • Fixed: Various bugs fixed
  • Changed: changed used version of the .Networking to 1.0.3

Version 1.0.4: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-1.0.4.msi (6.5 MB)
Released: February 13, 2006

  • Fixed: FilterLocation GUI editor in Visual Studio
  • Fixed: Entry delete methods in Connector tool
  • Fixed: XML configuration method in Connector tool
  • Fixed: Multithreading GUI access method in ConnectionManagerSkin
  • Changed: Speed improvement in MapsController application
  • Changed: removed the source files; this will be a seperate download

Version 1.0.3: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-1.0.3.msi (11.4 MB)
Released: February 7, 2006

  • Fixed: Servo control set value control
  • Added: Registry entry for default values
  • Added: Local Settings tool to configure computer-wide settings (like default server address)
  • Added: Property for the servo to enable/disable trackbar synchronization
  • Added: Sorting of keys and values in the SharedPhidgets Controller
  • Added: Local default settings
  • Changed: Maps Controller XML config files
  • Changed: RFID skin initialization (outputs)
  • Changed: TextLCD skin initialization
  • Changed: ConnectionManager opens no connection while in IDE

Version 1.0.2: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-1.0.2.msi (10.5 MB)
Released: January 26, 2006

  • Added: new interface dialog for server startup
  • Added: new interface dialog for connector
  • Changed: static auto connect functions removed
  • Changed: new version of the Maps Controller application

Version 1.0.1: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-1.0.1.msi (10.5 MB)
Released: January 23, 2006

  • Added: source code of the toolkit library, the tools and all examples
  • Added: Maps Controller XML files, PNG maps
  • Added: Introduction for Connector program
  • Changed: directory structure: 'src' and 'bin'
  • Changed: new XML config files
  • Bugfix: reconnecting devices bug in Connector
  • Bugfix: picture load method in Maps and Maps Controller

Version 1.0.0: SetupSharedPhidgets-BETA-Version-1.0.0.msi (4.9 MB)
Released: January 20, 2006

  • First beta release version of the toolkit
  • Included tools: server, connector, controller and example applications
  • Automatic Visual Studio toolbox install