Tablet PC Programming

Tablet PC programming involves using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Windows XP Tablet PC SDK to develop novel applications that support pen interaction. This is typically done using C# but any .Net language should work.

You do not need a Tablet PC or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition to develop ink-enabled applications. You can develop on any Windows XP machine; mouse input doubles for pen input.


Getting the Windows XP Tablet PC SDK

You can download the Tablet PC SDK by going here. You can install and use it on any Windows XP machine with Visual Studio .Net 2003 or newer.

The installation will also install an excellent set of samples with source code from Microsoft, available in the Start menu.

The examples and how-to's below were created using version 1.7 of the SDK.

Tutorials and Examples

  • The best examples actually come with the SDK. Once you have installed it, go to Start, All Programs, then Microsoft Tablet PC Platform SDK. Choose Samples and Source Code.
  • Carman's Sticky Note Sample: contains a zip file of a Visual Studio project that has a sticky note object which allows writing, erasing, and storing ink as a byte array.

Programming Reference Links

Existing Tablet PC Applications for Download

These may help spawn your creativity. For most, you need a Tablet PC to install and run them however.