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VisualStudio: HowToUseTheToolboxInstaller

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You can use the Toolbox Installer to register components in DLL files to Visual Studio Toolboxes during a setup process. The Toolbox Installer will automatically detect Visual Studio 2002 and 2003, will look if the Toolbox name already exists, if not it will create a new toolbox, and finally it will add the components from the DLL file to this toolbox.

When integrated into a setup programm, the tool dialog looks like the following window:

The user can select 'Install' to create the toolbox and components, or 'Cancel' if the components should not be installed.

The following command line parameters have to be used with the Toolbox Installer:

To install the DLL components to a toolbox:

GrouplabToolboxInstaller.exe -i "<Toolbox Name>" "<Full-DLL-Path-1>" "<Full-DLL-Path-2>" ... "<Full-DLL-Path-n>"

To uninstall the DLL components from a toolbox (deleting the toolbox):

GrouplabToolboxInstaller.exe -u "<Toolbox Name>"

When a new toolbox is added to Visual Studio, the .NET components of the DLL will appear in the toolbox like you can see in the following example ("Shared Phidgets"):

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