How To Add Information About Yourself

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This tutorial gives a step by step instruction on how to add authorship information to your msi. It builds on the previous tutorial.

Step 1. Open the HelloWorldSetup properties.

  • Recreate and/or return to the HelloWorldSetup project you created in the previous tutorial.
  • Click the HelloWorldSetup project in the Solution explorer to show its properties in the Properties window.
  • Fill in whatever information you want: an example is shown here. Typical fields you may want to change include:
    • Author
    • Description
    • Manufacturer
    • Product name
    • Title

Step 2. How the Installation Folder is determined.

  • By default, the executable will be installed under: [ProgramFilesFolder][Manufacturer]\[ProductName],
    • the [ProgramFilesFolder] is normally C:\Program Files** the Manufacturer / ProductName is what you specified in the properties window
    • you can change the target installation folder by moving or deleting these placeholders within the string. For instance, another useful alternative is [ProgramFilesFolder][ProductName], which installs program files typically to C:\Program Files\Your Project.

Step 3. Try it out.

  • Repeat the build and install step as in Tutorial 1.
  • In the wizard, you will now see that:
    • the installation folder will have changed as mentioned in Step 2
    • the new name/title of HelloWorld will be used in the wizard instead of HelloWorldSetup''
    • similarly, the containing folder and the .exe will now be called HelloWorld