How To Add A Banner To Your Msi Dialogs

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This tutorial gives a step by step instruction on how to add a banner bitmap which will appear in your .msi wizard dialog. A good banner gives your wizard a professional look.

Step 1. Create a logo

  • Create a logo, preferably 500x70 pixels and in either .jpg or .bmp format.
  • Note that text it the wizard may cover up to the rightmost 420 pixels of the bitmap, so keep it white.
  • The bitmap I used is shown below.
  • A .psd photoshop version of this file that you can edit is at Attach:setup3-01.psd

Step 2. Create a Setup Project

  • Recreate or reopen the setup project created in the previous tutorials

Step 3. Open the User Interface View

  • Right click on the Setup project in the Solution Explorer
  • Select View -> User Interface
  • The main window will look something like this figure

Step 4. Add the banner to the Start / Welcome interface

  • Click the Welcome label
  • In the Welcome properties window, select 'browse' from the BannerBitmap property pulldown menu
  • From the dialog box that appears, double click Application Folder
  • Now select the Add File... button
  • Navigate to where your bitmap was stored and add it.
  • You should notice that this file will be added to your Setup project in the Solution Explorer

Step 5. Repeat the above for all the other labels

  • Do the same thing for all the other labels, i.e., Installation Folder, Confirm Installation, etc.
  • The only difference is that the bitmap file will be listed, so you no longer have to navigate to it.
  • And yes, its idiotic that you have to repeat this for every label. If you find a better way to do this, let me know!

Step 6. Try it.

  • Build the project.
  • Try the installation. Each wizard should have the banner you included, as illustrated in the figure below.