URL Tracer: URL Tracing Software for Internet Explorer

This program, useful for research experiments, allows a person to track a single session. It produces a text file containing all of the URL navigations that were made in the session, including the date, time, URL, and Window (main or newly spawned).


Download and Installation

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To Use

  • Launch the program and specify the user and session numbers. These numbers will be used to name the data file produced. For example, if user 1 and session 2 are specified, the file name produced will be "User_1_Session_2.txt". The file is saved in the applications directory "Program Files\Grouplab Url Tracer".
  • Press Begin and the Internet Explorer browser should appear. From then on, all navigations are recorded.
  • When the last Internet Explorer window is closed, the data file can be safely opened and imported into a data analysis program such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Each line has the format number, date, time, url, window. For example, two lines from the data file would look something like:

Developed by Shaun Kaasten as part of his MSc work, supervised by Saul Greenberg