Transient Life

Transient Life is a system designed to enable the gathering of personal tidbits and information as well as provide mechanisms to share the collected information with others.

URL’s and photos can be dragged and dropped into the Transient Life application, task items can be listed to form a today message, blog entries can be created and posted, and basic personal status information can be recorded. A History Calendar facilitates viewing of collected information from a past date.

Currently in Alpha stage. Development is ongoing.

Any questions, suggestions, encountered errors or bugs should be directed to smale<at>


Download and Installation

Download the latest version: Version 1.2.7 (updated Oct 3, 2007)

Small fix:
  • Dates generated email with date of first entry into bar (or new start) instead of current date.
Known Issues:
  • Dragging and Dropping images from IE 7 works perfectly, but Firefox sometimes crashes
  • Gifs don't display in the sendmail viewer, but they will be viewable when recieved
  • Sending the today message to the blog probably doesn't work

Older Versions


Suggested Changes

  • fixing the editing of items problem
  • trying to find a better interface to blogs and IM
  • have everything go into a proper database
  • better links to email posting (e.g., gmail?)