Windows Hooker

Windows Hooker allows you to capture mouse and keyboard events from a PC in any Visual Studio programming environment. This dll wraps the Windows Hook API to read all of the incoming keyboard and mouse events, where it makes these events accessible throug a simple API. This software is similar to those seen in keyboard/mouse loggers.


  • ALL keyboard and mouse events will be captured including passwords you type into you bank account.
  • Windows Hooker is a early prototype tool that is provided 'as is'. While we would be happy to receive feedback, there are no resources to provide support and/or extensions to the existing system.
  • Windows Hooker is not related to the CEXI Toolkit.
  • This program was created by Edward Tse, and is based on the Spy program by Michael Boyle.


Download and Installation

Download the Windows Hook Library

Tutorials and Examples

Using Windows Hooker


  • See the API Documentation
  • Use the documentation in combination with the example program below, which illustrates how to use this API

Programming with Windows Hooker

Limitations of WindowsHooker library

  • Not all mouse and keyboard events are captured. The system may prevent other programs from hooking events. Examples include moving windows, intellitype, and swapping windows.
  • Sometimes you get multiple keyboard events in Microsoft Office. The subsequent events should be ignored.


GSI Demo: The GSI Demo toolkit uses the Windows Hook Library to capture keyboard and mouse events.

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