Which Interface Skins Are Implemented In The Developer Library

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The Shared Phidgets developer library includes a collection of interface skins, that provide GUI widgets to monitor and control the distributed hardware devices. This list gives an overview of the most commonly used interface skins:

Accelerometer: The AccelerometerSkin visualises the current position of the three axis of the accelerometer (left side), and provides controls to changes the sensitivity of the measurement (right side):

The AccelerometerTimeline visualises the current values of the accelerometer as a graph plot (with values of the last 30 seconds):

Circular Touch Sensor: The CircularTouchSkin displays the current status of the circular touch sensor; a touch sensitive capacitive pad:

Graphic LCD: Provides controls to change the currently displayed images of the graphic LC display, e.g., by sending test images to the display, send a text message, or by drawing a note. Furthermore, the transition effect of the display can be changed:

Encoder: Interface skin for the current encoder position, and the status of the digital input:

GPS: Displays the current longitude and latitude coordinates of the GPS receiver:

GSM Gateway: Shows the status of the GSM gateway device, as well as all sent and incoming messages:

Interface Kit: Monitoring and control interface of the digital and analog sensors of the InterfaceKit. Displays the status of the digital inputs, allows the controls of the digital outputs, and visualises the current value of the analog sensor inputs:

LED: Can control up to 64 LEDs; the interface skin allows the modification of the brightness of each LED:

Motor Controller: With this interface skin the user can control up to two motors connected to the Phidgets Motor Controller:

RFID Reader: The interface skin displays the found or lost RFID tags, as well as a log window with all previous tags. Furthermore, the digital outputs and the antenna can be activated and deactivated:

Servo: The servo skin enable the user to change the current position of up to four connected servo motors of the servo controller:

Text LCD: The Phidgets TextLCD displays up to 40 characters, split into two rows a 20 characters. The developer can change the displayed text, and control the background light of the device:

Weight Sensor: Displays the currently measured weight: