Vicon Toolkit Current Bug List

This page is a persistent record of all outstanding and resolved issues with the Vicon Toolkit. Please precede any new bug reports with the date they are logged, followed by a unique lowercase letter so that each bug can be managed individually. (For example, the first bug logged on 1 June 2008 would be 20080601a.)

When closing bugs, please append the version number of the MEdia Space software that fixed the bug, for example, "(fixed version 1.1)".


Critical Bugs

  • 20091113a: CollisionEnter Event from PlaneSubjectRelation it is also fired when one or both of the Subjects are not visible an not near each other at all. (Till)
  • 20091113b: RayPlaneRelation.WorldIntersection values are the same if the subject points to an 180 degree opposite direction. (Till)
  • 20091110a: Pitch, Yaw, and Roll values appear to be incorrect.
  • 20091110b: TrackedSubject events not fired when Reconstruct=false
  • 20091110c: Naming conflicts occur between subjects that have segments/markers with the same name.
  • 20091110d: Corner values are not being set in the Calibration dialog.

Non-Critical Bugs

  • 20091110f: Thresholding values cause granular movements and updates. Solve by implementing noise reduction with an averaging filter.

Feature Requests

  • 20091110g: Better descriptive exceptions needed.
  • 20091110h: Decoupling and simulation/recording. (In progress...)
  • 20091110i: Implement Miguel & Jota's new algorithm for pointing and calibration of surfaces.
    • Calibration using any four points placed on screen, via pointing and/or touching.

Closed Bugs

  • 20091110e: Calibration dialog appears frozen. Seems to require the programmer to start autopolling before the calibration dialog is shown, but there is no warning of this.
    • Resolved 2.1: An exception is thrown if the ViconConnection is not initialized and autopolling is not enabled, to alert the programmer to the requirement.