Vicon Limitations

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In this section I describe some of the current limitations of our Vicon configuration and provide a wishlist of additional features.

Vicon Limitations

Vicon can't do everything. Here's a description of some of the limitations of the Vicon system that you should be aware of.

  • Hidden Markers are problematic. Basically, at least two cameras should be able to see the point at any given time. Thus, it is a good idea to avoid marker configurations that will likely result in occlusion.
  • Multi touch will likely not work on Vicon as the position of the markers are prone to occlusion. Any slight bending of the fingers can cause the system to lose track of particular points, thus resulting in erroneous recognition.

Vicon Wishlist

  • A way to convert raw vicon data into screen coordinates using ray casting from the position and vector of a wand.
  • A decent minority report type interaction using multiple gloves with markers placed on them for in air interaction with gestures.
  • A simple connection of the C# code with a midi synthesizer for audio sound from the Vicon.