Vicon Help

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Getting Help: How to get answers.

Ilab has paid for 1 year of technical service through Vicon. Realize that the people at Vicon are our resources and we should make use of them whenever we have a question. Vicon staff are typically friendly and response times are usually short.

General Vicon Support

There are two main hotlines for support: The Vicon Los Angeles office: 310 306 6131, or the Vicon Colorado office: 303.799.8686. The Los Angeles office is where the hardware is managed and any major questions can usually be directed there. The Colorado office is responsible for the Vicon Nexus software and the real time SDK.

A phone call to these numbers will typically get you a receptionist who will take down your support request. Then a vicon developer will typically respond by email to your request. If you know the Vicon developer you can contact them directly and typically shorten the response time to less than one business day.

Sheelagh has a direct contact to one of the business development managers at Vicon. If you need more reflective markers or other vicon equipment, you should contact Sheelagh.

Vicon Hardware Issues

Most vicon hardware issues can be resolved by contacting Scott Winnier <>, he is the technician who helped us set up the Vicon system for the first time in September. He is quite familiar with our set up and would be a good person to ask for general questions

Steve Risenhoover <> is a good contact for the vicon to computer interface. Questions about connecting the vicon to a gigabit ethernet hub are typically directed to him.

Vicon Software Issues

Paul Tate <> is the person who wrote the Vicon Real Time SDK. It is a good idea to contact him directly if you have any questions regarding the SDK.

Edward Tse wrote the Vicon C# library based on the real time SDK. If there are problems with this library please contact me via email.