Shared Phidgets Toolkit Overview

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Overview of the Shared Phidgets toolkit features:

Changed in Version 3.0:

  • Completely rewritten library and connector tool
  • Implemented Phidgets 2.1 driver support: enhanced performance, multi-threaded driver
  • Plug-in based hardware integration into connector tool
  • Phidgets implementation is NOT using the COM drivers anymore
  • Support for all existing Phidgets
  • Integrated 3rd party hardware devices: GPS device, graphic LCDs, GSM gateway (to send and receive text messages)
  • New collection of interface skins
  • New Wizard of Oz simulation framework and simulation skins
  • New simulation recorder, to record test cases for appliance testing
  • New infrastructure explorer
  • New geospatial visualization utility
  • Development templates for Visual Studio C#
  • IDE plug-in for Visual Studio: developers can explore the available hardware devices from within the IDE, and automatically create a class framework
  • Easy to use class framework and tutorials for custom skins
  • Hardware devices can be excluded from the shared data space