Shared Phidgets Hello World

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What you will learn in this tutorial:

The Hello World program shows you the most simply application that can be developed with the toolkit, and demonstrates the functionality and general steps to create a SharedPhidgets application.

Download source:
The zip file contains the program code of this example.


  1. Create a new Windows C# application in VisualStudio.NET
  2. Use the ConnectionManager for connecting to the server
  3. Use the PhidgetManagerSkin to get an overview of all registered shared Phidgets
  4. Finished! Compile the application and have fun!

Step-by-step in detail

1) Open VisualStudio.NET, click New Project, select a new C# Windows application, enter the name of the project (SharedPhidgetsExample_HelloWorld) and confirm the dialog.

2) Now we click on the SharedPhidgets toolbox on the left side of the VisualStudio window, select the ConnectionManager object and click on your Windows form.

Then change the SharedDictionaryURL property of the Connection Manager to the address of the server:

3) Drag a new Phidget Manager object to your form.

4) Compile your application:

The following window will appear, where you can see all the connected Phidget devices of the SharedPhidgets server:

That's it, your first 'Hello World' SharedPhidgets application is finished! Now you can continue with the other simple example programs, so see for example how to use a servo or interface kit.