Shared Phidgets Toolkit (Version 3)

With the Shared Phidgets toolkit developers can easily build prototypes of distributed physical user interfaces. Physical sensors and actuators (e.g. servos, sliders, motion sensors, temperature sensors, buttons, displays) can be combined to information appliances that bring the interaction with computing technology into our everyday environment.

Note: The Shared Phidgets toolkit 3.0 is the completely rewritten version of the toolkit, with an extended and modified developer library API. Therefore it might be necessary to modify existing Shared Phidgets software before compiling with the new version. The documentation of the previous toolkit versions can be found here.


Download and Installation

The setup installs all required tools: the connector software, plug-ins, developer library, and advanced development utilities. The .NET programming components and interface skins are automatically added to the Visual Studio 2005 toolbox. Furthermore, the setup installs a new Shared Phidgets development template, and a Visual Studio add-in.

Recipes and How-To's